Choosing The Right Wood Carbonization Machine

If your business has a lot of wood scraps and waste, you might want to look at a wood carbonization machine. These machines transform wood waste into charcoal providing a second avenue of income for your business. The problem for most people comes when they have to choose the right wood charcoal making machine for sale. There are a lot of options on the market, but not all of them will be right for your needs.

Wood Carbonization Machine for Sale
Beston Wood Carbonization Machine for Sale

The Carbonization Process

To create charcoal, the wood will need to go through a carbonization process. These machines will have a carbonization furnace for the process, but the best machines will divide this into two steps. The firsts step will remove any moisture from the wood and the second step will turn it into charcoal. This two-step system is generally considered to be more efficient. If you wanna get coconut shell charcoal machine price, contact Beston.

While understanding the carbonization process is important, you also need to know what safety features are offered. This process uses high temperatures to carbonize the wood and everyone in your business needs to be safe while this occurs. Different machines will have different safety features that you should know about. Automatic shut-offs are a good feature as they will prevent any serious damage.

Recycling Combustible Waste

During the carbonization process, the machine will generate waste in the form of combustible gas. The machine you choose should collect this gas and reuse it in the carbonization furnace. This will make the machine more energy-efficient and better for the environment.

Shipment of Wood Charcoal Making Machine
Shipment of Wood Charcoal Making Machine

Some of the newer wood charcoal machines in the market will process these gasses in other ways. These wood carbonization machines generally remove the wood vinegar and tar from the waste. These are by-products that have other industrial uses. It is recommended that you check how the waste materials are handled by the machine and how this improves the efficiency of the process.

Controlling The Smoke

Wood carbonization does not only produce combustible gas, but hot smoke as well. This smoke should not be directly discharged into the atmosphere by the machine. The machine you choose should process this smoke to ensure it does not cause problems for the environment and your office surroundings.

The features you want the wood carbonization machine to include are a dust collector and a sulfur elimination system. This will reduce particulate matter in the smoke and this reduces pollution. A good smokestack should also be considered as this will reduce the temperature of the smoke before it is released into the air. Unfortunately, this waste cannot be reused within the machine.

Quality Materials

While the workings of the machine are important, you also need to ensure it is made with quality materials. The machine should use top quality steel and aluminum. The welding of the parts should also be neat and solid.

If you want to buy a wood carbonization machine, you need to know what to look for. The best machines will have a two-step carbonization process and recycle the combustible gas waste. They also need to have a method of controlling the smoke produced and be made from quality materials. There are four models