How to Compare the Prices of Egg Crate Making Machines on Sale

Egg tray making machines cost a lot. Most small-scale businesses usually can’t afford the machines unless they buy them second-hand. But there are ways to get incredible deals if you wait for the machines to go on sale. Many egg tray machine manufacturers give stock clearance sales at different times of the year. Look out for Christmas offers or New Year discounts to buy one of the machines at an affordable price.

Egg Crate Making Machines

Since most of the prices of egg tray making machines go down when they are up for sale, it becomes difficult to figure out which one is the best in the business. Here’s a quick rundown of the things that you should consider while comparing the machines.

1. Average cost of waste paper

Waste paper is the primary ingredient of egg tray making machines. You first need to find a supplier who can sell waste paper at dirt cheap prices. That should bring down the cost of production of your egg trays.

Customers will run to the supplier who provides high-quality egg trays at low prices. One way to bring down that cost is by purchasing waste paper from a reliable supplier who doesn’t charge a lot. Keep an eye on the average price of egg trays from your competitors. You need to find a supplier and purchase an egg crate making machine for sale that enables you to keep the price of each tray down from what your competitors usually charge.

Egg Crate Making Machines on Sale

2. Cost of construction

There are three crucial parts of an egg tray making machine that you need to keep in mind: pulp pool, wastewater pool, and drying room. The pulp pool is where the machine sends the mashed pulp once the hydraulic pulper mixes the waste paper with water. It separates the wastewater and sends it into the wastewater pool and the pulp into the pulp pool. On the other hand, the metal drying room allows the egg trays to dry before sending them into the packing and sealing section.

Make sure you buy a machine that comes with a drying chamber. Otherwise, you may have to deal with a lot of wastage as the trays don’t hold their shapes once they come out of the formation room. Manual drying is time-consuming and may not provide the ideal shape to the trays, thus resulting in a lot of rejections.

3. Cost of equipment

An egg tray making machine has multiple parts put together to make the entire system work. Most of the machines come with an egg tray mold. You can purchase different types of molds later. Additionally, the machine also has a pulper, a pump, a packing machine, a refiner, a hot press machine if you want to make egg tray boxes, and drying racks.

A few advanced models have separate sections for drying and packing. You need to shortlist the models that provide all these parts in one single unit. Although the original cost of such an egg tray making machine China would be high, you can expect to get it at a significantly low price if it is up for sale.

Keep the machines you like on your wishlist. Many manufacturers give additional discounts to clear their stocks as soon as possible, such as Beston Group. Make the most of those offers to save thousands later.