How to Get the Most Energy from the Waste

The municipal solid waste contains heat value, so the municipal solid waste can be regarded as solid fuel, but the ingredients of the municipal waste are complicated, and the water content of the municipal waste is also high, so if the untreated municipal waste is used as fuel, then the fuel can not reach your standard. In addition, burning the municipal waste directly will cause the following problems.

waste sorting machine
waste sorting machine

First, the organic waste in the municipal is easy to decompose and release fetor, thus it is hard to transport and store those waste.

Second, it is common that there is polyvinyl chloride materials in the waste and other chlorinated solvents, so when burning the waste, it is normal that the hydrogen chloride gas will be produced, which is harmful to the environment and the incinerator.

Third, the dioxin is highly poisonous, and the dioxin is a great threat to human’s health.

Fourth, after burning process, it is certain that the slug will be produced, and the slug usually contains the poisonous metal, such as mercury, plumbum and so on. If those slugs are not well treated, they will cause secondary pollution.

So if you want to increase the heat utilization ratio, reduce the cost of comprehensive ecological improvement, it is necessary to do some pre-treatment before you handle the waste.

The waste sorting machine can sort the waste out, and you can recycle the sorted waste according to their features, then the waste can be fully recycled, and there is also no pollution caused.