How to Handle the Medical Waste

The medical waste means the waste produced in the medical treatment, health protection and other fields, and the medical waste has the direct or indirect infectivity and toxicity. Once the medical waste is not well handled and mixes with the domestic garbage, the medical waste will pollute the air, water, soil, and it will also threaten the health of the human beings and animals.

Because the medical waste contains a lot of bacteria, germs and chemical agent, so the medical waste is a special and dangerous waste. Till now, many people have realized the importance of disposing the medical waste well, and the methods of treating the medical waste are also various.

Nowadays, the sense of protecting the environment is a commonsense, and it is our duty to protect the environment, so finding out more methods to handle the medical waste is normal and necessary.

There are some methods to treat the medical waste, such as burning, autoclaving, chemical treatment, microwave radiation, pyrolysis, plasma, arc furnace and so on. Here we will introduce you some information about the medical waste pyrolysis plant.

medical waste pyrolysis plant

Pyrolysis method makes use of the thermal instability of organic waste, then heat the organic components of medical waste, with high temperature in anaerobic or oxygen depleted conditions, after the pyrolysis process, the medical waste will be converted into carbon black, fuel oil and combustible gas.

This method can hold the heavy metal in the slug and carbon black, and most of the heat energy can be recycled, so using the medical waste pyrolysis plant to dispose the medical waste is both eco-friendly and profitable.

Moreover, the medical waste pyrolysis plant is also suitable for plastic pyrolysis, tyre pyrolysis and oil sludge treatment.