How to Solve the Oil Sludge Disposal Problem

The oil sludge is one of the pollutants causes by oil industry, and the disposal of waste oil sludge is a huge problem that have bothered a lot of people.

The Source of Waste Oil Sludge

1. The oil sludge produced in the oil extraction process mainly comes from the ground handling system, waste water disposal system, and in the transportation and storage process, it is also easy to produce oil sludge.

2. The oil in oil separating tank, flotation cell and crude oil tank is also classified as waste oil sludge.

oil sludge pyrolysis plant
oil sludge pyrolysis plant

The Damage of Oil Sludge

1. Usually the oil sludge contains a lot of polycoagulant, corrosion inhibitor, antisludging agent and other water treatment chemical.

2. The waste oil sludge also contains a lot of poisonous and harmful substance, such as pathogenic bacteria, animal parasiteras, heavy metal, radioelement and so on.

So the oil sludge treatment is urgent and necessary, and the pyrolysis technology is recommended when dispose the waste oil sludge.

The waste oil sludge is processed in the high temperature and oxygen free condition, then after the oil sludge pyrolysis process, the waste oil sludge will be converted into slug, water and fuel oil.

Using the oil sludge pyrolysis plant can effectively recovery the useful energy from the waste oil sludge, and it will not cause secondary pollution. And with the development of the technology, the oil sludge pyrolysis equipment will benefit the investors a lot.

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