Now Reuse the Old Tyres, This 16 Year Old Has the Solution

BENGALURU: Non-Bio degradable wastes are as harmful to the ozone as our own carbon emissions. Anubhav Wadhwa is just 16 years of age but perhaps he knows more about the value of protecting our environment than the rest of us, according to

The innovating idea about the method of disposal of old vehicle tires came to him as one day he saw some pile of tires being burnt on the side of the road. He then wondered what if these tyres can be made reusable. He googled about it and came to know that if undergoes a process called ‘Pyrolysis’, it is reusable.

Now Reuse the Old Tyres, This 16 Year Old Has the Solution

In this process, the waste tyres are sent to a recycling plant and will undergo the extraction process which can help convert tyres into usable by-products like fuel oils, steel etc., A student of Pathways World School, Aravali, Anubhav owns two ventures—a software product development company called TechAPTO and Trends on Internet, an analytical company. According to Anubhav, these tyres are burnt and used to produce heat, especially for use in sugarcane industries.

A majority of these industries burn tyres in a manner that is hazardous to the environment. The only way forward is to embrace pyrolysis process. He personally believes that this process of recycling end-of-life tyres will, over the years, eventually help in saving a lot of landfill space in the country. India has lots of pyrolysis plants, but right now, the challenge is to get the used tyres to them.

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