The Development of Waste Rubber Recycling

With the development of world economy and the increasing level of living standard, the amount and the type of the rubber products is larger and larger. As a result, the number of waste rubber products also keeps increasing. The disposal of waste rubber products is a huge challenge to the human beings. To satisfy people’s need, the performance of the rubber products is enhanced, which makes the waste rubber disposal much more difficult. And the Black Pollution caused by the waste rubber products, especially the waste tyres is a great threat to the human beings and the environment.

The recycling of waste rubber products is not only a comprehensive ecological improvement problem and technical matters, it also matters a lot to the development and human beings.

tyre recycling plant for sale
tyre recycling plant for sale

The waste rubber disposal went through a process that from passive to active, and the recycling methods also changed a lot along with the improvement of the technology.

The waste rubber can be converted into pyrolysis oil, carbon black, steel wire and combustible through the tyre pyrolysis plant.

The rubber powder production line is also available if you want to convert the waste rubber products into useful rubber powder.

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