The Market of Rubber Powder Made from Waste Tyres

In recent years, the waste tyre recycling is a new trend, and the rubber powder industry booms, and the development of the rubber powder industry is a symbol of the comprehensive utilization of the waste tyres, so this industry has a bright market future. At the same time, The following is the application of the rubber powder, and the manufacturers should have a clear understanding about the market demand, and develop the mature technology to produce the high quality rubber powder.

waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant
waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant

First, the tyre market.

Early in the 1953, some American companies have used the rubber powder in tyre manufacturing. The increasing price of natural rubber also makes the rubber powder much more popular. In fact, the rubber powder used in the tyre will not affect the quality of the tyres.

Second, making the rubber brick.

The rubber bricks become more and more popular, and paving the rubber bricks in the office buildings, kindergartens, hotels, schools is a common thing now, and making the rubber sticks will consume a lot of rubber powder.

Third, building the Super Highway.

The rubber powder can be used as asphalt modifier. It is proved that using the modified asphalt to build road is safe. Using the modified asphalt to build the road can reduce the cracks, and the road is not easy to freeze and skid, which can improve the safety margin when driving. If you add the rubber powder in the airstrips, the elasticity and friction of the airstrips will be strengthened. In addition, the service life of the airport is also prolonged.

Fourth, building the playground.

Building the playground with the rubber powder is an important way to use the rubber powder, and this way is much more profitable.

Fifth, sound insulation board.

The sound insulation board made from rubber powder is strong in noise reflection and sound absorption, and it can resist efflorescence. What’s more, this kind of sound insulation easy to transport and install.

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