The New Invention for Waste Disposal

The high temperature pyrolysis technology is a new invention in recent years, and this new technology aims to handle the waste in a green and economic way. This technology is thought highly by the environmentalists, and they think through this technology can achieve the reduction and resource utilization of the waste, in addition, this way is eco-friendly.

waste pyrolysis machine
waste pyrolysis machine

The Definition of the Pyrolysis

Pyrolysis refers to the thermo chemical conversion technology which heats the domestic waste in the absence of oxidant (air, oxygen, water vapor, etc.) or only in the limited oxygen conditions, raising the temperature to more than 500 DEG C, and decomposes the biomass macromolecules into smaller molecules of the fuel material (solid carbon, gas and oil) by thermochemical reaction.

The End Products of the Plant

The main products of the pyrolysis are combustible gas, carbon black and fuel oil.

The combustible gas can be used to heat and dry the grains, wood, and it can also be used as fuel in the pyrolysis process.

The biofuel is a kind of green fuel, because it is free of sulphur, nitrogen and other metal composition.

The carbon black can be used as industrial fuel, or you can use it to make carbon base fertilizer, which can improve the quality of the soil.

The Advantages of the Pyrolysis

1. It will not cause air pollution.

2. Most of the injurious ingredient, such as sulphur, nitrogen and heavy metal are fixed in the carbon black.

3. The market value of the end products is high, and thue usage of the end products is wide.

4. The end products can be reprocessed.

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